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Site Audits

Most are relieved when they get a website live, the process can be tedious and mind boggling. But one cannot afford to sit back and think you can put your feet up and the world will come to you. Your website can soon become out of date, irrelevant and poor visible as new technologies are developed.


Reports on the usability of your website aim to cover all aspects from website speed, access to information, viewing from diverse types of devices and interaction.


This falls under usability in a sense, but is also incredibly important in order to report seperately. If users cannot move around your site at ease, they will leave, this is the worst result possible.


Most people do not have full access to their website, their hosting, their domain name accounts. These are all extremely important for you and your business. Access to certain systems could be a breach of privacy and leave your open for cyberattack and hacking.


Once your website is live, several steps need to be carried out with Google in order to make you appear in their search engine.


Using Googles free Analytics service, we can track your site and understand information such as: number of visits, return vs. new visits, most vistited pages, where visitors were before they came to your site, how long they spent on your site etc.


This can be an expensive exercise, we aim to develop less expensive solutions which can have a similar or same effect. SEO is about turning up in Google when people search for a good or services you sell.


Updating your content and having a constant churn of relevant information is crucial. Google looks down upon websites that are not refreshed often.

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