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 Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) is a proven methodology to accurately manage fuel inventories.

Through and algorithm process, SIR analyses fuel inventory data (sales, deliveries, product levels, and meter readings).

From this analysis it is possible to determine:

  • Tank and Line Integrity
  • Delivery Accuracy
  • Tank Tilt / Incorrect Tank Charts
  • Miscalibrated Meters
  • Pilferage

In underground storage tank (UST) systems, there are three areas where fuel can be lost: sales, deliveries or a leak in the tank and lines. In order to lose fuel through sales, the dispenser pumps more fuel than the meters register.

The only way to lose fuel through deliveries is a discrepancy in the number of gallons reported delivered and the number of gallons actually received. If the integrity of the tank or line is compromised, then fuel can be lost as a result.

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